What do you get when you mix a master jazz bassist, a groove-ridden funk drummer, and a reclusive songwriting multi-instrumental traditionalist? We don’t know either… but here’s what it sounds like.

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From the deep mountain valleys of the north Okanagan comes the rhythmic chunk of a mandolin. It rides the percussive rush of a ringing acoustic guitar. With the crisp, driving melody of his fiddle roaring across the bedrock, Ben Beveridge is cutting new channels through the granite of modern traditional music.

“…music flows from this man with the imperative of water finding gravity. There’s no containing it. And it flows with the clarity of the freshest spring.”
Barry Weiss

“…an easy, natural dexterity, and sophisticated musical talent.”
Steven Ross Smith (from the book Celebrating Saskatchewan Artists)

“…one of Canada’s most talented Western musicians.”
Hugh McLennan, Spirit of the West (from Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine)

“…plays with a stirring gentleness.”
Drew McAdam, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh Scotland

“…liquid licks.”
Craig Learmont, Muzikhaus

“…the velvety voice of Ben Beveridge is a balm to the thirsty ear.”
Marianne Bindig

“…insightfully gifted music, and plays for the heart.”
Victor Lethbridge, Tatanka Recording Studios